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(May 25, 2017)

Wonder Woman Arrives

As published on LinkedIn Influencers on May 25th, 2017 May 25th, 2017. I’ve only been waiting for this day since I was eleven years old. What day exactly is it you might ask? It’s the day that Wonder Woman finally makes it to the big screen. If you’re thinking, “Jacki, the film opens on June […]

(May 23, 2017)

Why No Wonder Woman?

As published on LinkedIn Influencers on May 23rd, 2017. “The destiny of the world is determined less by battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in” – Harold Goddard. What follow is the opening letter to a 70 page report I did 4 years ago called “Why No Wonder Woman?” Given that […]

(May 01, 2016)

It’s National SUPER Hero Day! But Where Oh Where is Wonder Woman?

Last month Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered to scathing critical reviews, record breaking box office returns, and a storm of controversy. Both a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel and the next step in DC Comic’s attempt to create a cinematic universe to rival the wildly successful Marvel franchise, Batman v Superman had a lot riding on it. You […]

(October 16, 2014)

FINALLY- Wonder Woman is Coming in 2017

Originally posted on LinkedIn Influencers on October 16, 2014. I love Wonder Woman. I’m not talking about a casual affection. I LOVE Wonder Woman. I’ve collected her memorabilia for years, and I have a room in my house where I display it all. I call it my Ode to Wonder Woman. I’ve often spoke about […]

(February 21, 2014)

Wonder Woman: Part II

Given my last post about Wonder Woman garnered nearly 41,000 views I did not want to leave any of her fans hanging.  There has been lots of developments in Wonder Woman’s quest to make it to the big screen so here is the latest update. After Rainfall Films‘ fan film went viral last October, Wonder Woman’s plight became front page […]

(October 04, 2013)

Hey, Hollywood, It’s Time to Give Wonder Woman Her Due

Posted on LinkedIn Influencers on October 3, 2013 The popularity of a short trailer this week proves there’s a big market for a film on our favorite female superhero. So why is the entertainment industry dragging its feet? Okay Hollywood, it’s time. The time has come for Wonder Woman to finally get her own feature […]

(April 15, 2013)

Why No Wonder Woman?

Regular readers of this site will know that it’s no secret how much I love Wonder Woman. I have been a fan of this character since I was a child, and to this day I am an avid collector of Wonder Woman memorabilia. Over the past 11 years I have been on a journey, a […]

(June 13, 2012)

Ms. Magazine and Wonder Woman 40 Years Later

In July of 1972, Ms. Magazine published its first regular issue from New York City. While many predicted that the magazine would shutter within the year, Ms. Magazine is still published to this day, and in honour of its 40 year anniversary, New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Council Member Gale A. […]

(May 13, 2012)

Happy Mothers Day, The Avengers, and Wonder Woman!

Happy Mothers Day! To all you fabulous mothers out there I truly wish you the best. I am so blessed to have the most incredible one, and the most amazing 95 year old grandmother, so this is a day to celebrate. Since I had to be on a plane today to NYC I celebrated with […]

(January 01, 2012)

Why No Wonder Woman?

I am starting 2012 with a question that has been haunting me for the past 10 years. It was in 2001  that I began somewhat obsessively thinking about why there was no Wonder Woman feature film.  I shared the whole story with a group of friends we had over for dinner last night but the punch line was that it was Wonder Woman, or lack thereof, […]

(November 20, 2011)

Evelyn H. Lauder – Honoring an Incredible Wonder Woman

On November 12th the world lost a very special woman and one of the leading philanthropists of our time. The cause of her death, at the age of 75, were complications of non-genetic ovarian cancer.  She is survived by her beloved family: husband Leonard A. Lauder, her two sons Willian and Gary and five grandchildren.  Though […]

(March 07, 2011)

A Wonder Woman Documentary in the Making!

Check out this link about a documentary that is in process. Have I reached out to the filmmakers? You bet. More as that unfolds. ( click here for the link)

(January 24, 2011)

Wonder Woman – The Missing Superhero

Regular readers know that I love Wonder Woman. I collect WW memorabilia, and I fantasize about writing the WMM screenplay. So I sent this article to Gloria Steinem, who is one of the world’s experts on WW, as I have been saying to her “Gloria, it is time we got involved.” She agreed. Sundance is […]

(July 06, 2010)

Shelby Knox on the New Wonder Woman! (and a bit on the markets)

I just read a great essay by Shelby Knox on the new WW that is certainly worth sharing. (thanks Gloria for sending it to me!) Check out more on Shelby in the about section – one super cool young feminist! The essay also links to a page on Facebook where you can join the movement […]

(July 03, 2010)

Gloria Steinem on the new Wonder Woman

Gloria Steinem sent me an email yesterday containing her comments to the Associated Press regarding the new Wonder Woman. Gloria, as previously mentioned, has a very long history with the WW character that you can read about in “Wonder Woman: The Complete History.” She is one of the world’s experts and has worked hard for […]

(July 02, 2010)

“DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman!”

If you know me you know that I love Wonder Woman! I collect WW memorabilia, and in fact thanks to my good friend BL I have the original Linda Carter outfit from her hit TV show! I have loved WW since I was a child when I used to wake up early Saturday mornings to […]

(January 14, 2009)

Wonder Woman Again, and Again, and Again…..

OH MY GOSH! If you know me personally, or have been reading my blog you know that I collect Wonder Woman memorabilia including the very first issue of Ms. Magazine with Wonder Woman on the cover. You also know that I wrote a leadership principal called “Be A Superhero” and I think this year is […]

(December 24, 2008)

Wonder Woman, Kindness, and Changing the World

The days that lead up to Christmas are often some the most stressful ones of the year for me. The list of ‘to dos’ is so long that I generally feel like my head is going to explode. The cards, the gifts, the baking, the the the….. As much as a try to stay organized […]

(January 01, 2017)

2017. The Year of Wonder Women.

As published on LinkedIn Influencers on December 31st, 2016. I believe in the story of Wonder Woman. I always have. Not the literal baby being made from clay story, but the metaphorical one. I believe in a story where a woman is the hero and not the victim. I believe in a story where a […]

(June 23, 2011)


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