IMG_0910Originally published on LinkedIn Influencers on February 2, 2015

Hollywood has a terrible track record on diversity. This is not new news, as people have been calling for more women and people of colour both on screen and behind the scenes for years. What is new, however, is how this issue seems to have finally broken through into the mainstream consciousness. Led by Cate Blanchett’s galvanizing Oscar acceptance speech last year, more and more Hollywood actresses are speaking out and standing up for gender equality, and when this year’s Oscar nominations were announced earlier this month, #oscarssowhite blew up on Twitter in response to Ava DuVernay’s snub for Best Director, as well as the fact that all 20 acting nominees are white actors for the first time since 1998. People are demanding that Hollywood be held accountable for its lack of diversity, and the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism believes they know how to do this.

Led by Professor Stacy L. Smith, this research institute and media think tank has been producing reports on diversity in media content since 2006, all of which have addressed a variety of issues such as gender representation on screen and behind the scenes, portrayals of race and ethnicity both on screen and behind the…

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