Do You Know About MAKERS?

makersWhere are the women? That’s the question I often ask myself when reading a historical or current event piece. Where are the women?

It is a well documented phenomenon that history has long since overlooked, undervalued, or simply written out the stories, influence, and importance of women. This is why we know the names of DW Griffith and Buzz Aldrin, but not Alice Guy-Blaché and Katherine Johnson, and it’s why Hedy Lamarr is more famous for her looks than for inventing the technology that was the precursor to today’s modern GPS systems. Thankfully, due in no small part to the ever expanding reach of the Internet, there are many organizations out there who are trying to rectify these historical omissions, and even more importantly, there are many who are trying to recognize the extraordinary achievements of women while those trailblazing women are still alive.

Today, one of the largest collections of women’s stories comes courtesy of MAKERS, a co-production of PBS and AOL, which strives to highlight women’s leadership and achievements through documentary film and online content. Launched in 2012, MAKERS premiered on PBS in 2013 as a three-part documentary titled MAKERS: Women Who Make America, and has since gone on to include an online collection of over 3,000 videos featuring the stories of over 300 incredible women, a second documentary film series in 2014, and an online app that allows women from across the globe to share their own stories with a worldwide audience.

It is my privilege to report that a new series of videos debuted on yesterday, and I couldn’t be more honored to be included among the incredible other women featured in this launch and on the platform more generally. MAKERS truly is a groundbreaking digital platform that is dedicated to bringing women’s stories to the masses, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it in my own small way.

To view my video please click here, and please send some time afterwards looking at some of the other videos on the site. There are so many incredible women to learn about and discover.