This report was many years in the making. My frustration with the absence of Wonder Woman on screen led me to its creation back in 2013. I wanted to chart Wonder Woman’s history in all forms of media and prove just how far her influence reached. The report contained a brief summary of her story-line, the history of Wonder Woman’s film development up to 2013, the various other mediums in which she has appeared, and a chart outlining the history of superhero stories on screen, as well as the budgets and grosses of these films. This report was over two years in the making, and I chose April 15th, 2013 as the date for its release because it was the same day as the release of Kristy Guevara-Flanaganʼs documentary Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines on PBS. As this film demonstrated, I was not alone in my frustration for more female role models in the media.

To coincide with the report, I started a petition and a Facebook group demanding Why No Wonder Woman? and did what I could to spread the word and put pressure on Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment to bring my hero to the big screen. In October of 2014, I finally got my wish, as it was announced that Wonder Woman would be hitting cinemas in 2017. I’d like to think that this report had something to do with it.

On June 2nd, 2017, the Amazon princess that I fell in love with as a child will be seen in cinemas across the world, and I can only hope that this is the first of many more films to come. More importantly, I hope Wonder Woman will inspire a new generation of young girls to become wonder women themselves.

Click here to read the report – Why No Wonder Woman?

* This report was pulled from publicly available information gathered on the Internet and Wonder Woman’s publications. We did our best to accurately represent facts as they were presented in their original format. We apologize for any unintentional inaccuracies. This was a labor of love and should be read as such.