When life gets busy, it can be easy to forget that every time you spend a dollar, that exchange is an exchange of power. Companies understand this concept well, and they spend billions of dollars every year trying to convince you to give them your purchasing power. And who are the main shoppers? Women. We make 75-85% of all purchasing decisions, which adds up to trillions of dollars that we could be using to support our values. Your dollars can make or break a company, brand, or consumer item, so what if we all started using this power as a way of supporting our values in life? What if we used our spending dollars to hold companies accountable and as a means of enacting social change? That’s what shopping your values means, and the possibilities are endless.

For me personally, shopping my values means supporting gender equality and lifting up women and girls around the world. For years, just in time for the holiday season, Women Moving Millions would release a guide to shopping your values, with the most current one being released in 2016. This guide features dozens of amazing organizations that sell incredible handcrafted gifts such as jewellery, clothing, baskets, crafts, tote bags, and silks, all of which have been made by women in impoverished areas all around the world. Many of these organizations also offer the skills training needed for these women to turn their handmade items into artisan businesses, which in turn helps to lift their families out of poverty. The next time you are in need of some great gift ideas, please download this guide and support women around the world. Purchasing dollars are the great untapped potential for enacting social change, so shop your values today.

Click here to download this guide – Shop Your Values