Follow the Money – Mapping Funding for Women’s Causes
The main presentation outlines research that Mayree Clark and Jacki Zehner spearheaded a few years ago to map current funding and infrastructure focused on women and girls domestically.  The research identified 195 women-related non-profit organizations, defined six key domains and resulted in a number of significant findings in relation to the state of the current women’s movement.  This foundational work also provided the impetus for a group of several women and other organizations to come together to explore the challenges and opportunities in the women’s movement and the need to seek ‘collective impact’.

Appendix A: Provides an in-depth look at the organizations that comprise each of the six key domains and their associated spending.

Appendix B: Outlines a separate study of the funding available to PACs and 527s focused on women-related issues showing, amongst other things, that the vast majority of such funding in the U.S. goes to either the election of women leaders or advocacy in relation to reproductive issues.

Appendix C: Outlines spending and focus of the largest U.S. think tanks with an emphasis on women or women-related issues.

“Collective Impact” (Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2010): This seminal piece speaks to the need for funders and donors to act as leaders in framing long-term strategic collaboration.  Specifically, it stresses the importance of developing data, metrics and shared measurement tools in order to build a collective impact framework.  The question is whether something like this can be accomplished within the domestic women’s movement?