In 2006, An Inconvenient Truth sparked worldwide awareness and debate on global warming, and jump started a new wave of environmental and sustainability activism. In 2012, The Invisible War introduced the world to the crisis of rape in the United States Military, and led to sweeping changes and reforms to the policies that govern the prosecution of sexual assault in all branches of the military. In 2013, Blackfish resulted in an outpouring of outrage over the treatment of orca whales in captivity, and contributed to significant drops in SeaWorld’s ticket sales, revenue, and stock prices.

These three films could not have more different subject matters, but they all belong to the same extraordinary category of cinema: films that have changed the world.

Documentary films can educate, raise awareness, and inspire change like few other forms of media. In a world where visual media dominates and social media is the channel through which we communicate, there is no better tool for changing hearts and minds than the feature-length documentary film. From financial contributions to being a dedicated audience member, there are many ways to support documentary films and the countless important stories just waiting to be told; information on all of which can be found in this guide. All that’s needed is the belief in the power of story to inspire social change.

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