Below is a list of reports and resources that I have personally written, funded and championed. 

TOP REPORTS – Find 600 of the top reports on women and girls across 18 different categories. Last updated in December 2018. There is nothing like it in the world. Dig in!

WONDER WOMAN – This report was written in 2013 as a call to action for a feature length Wonder Woman film. It happened in 2018. Finally. Did this report help? I like to think so. 

MAPPING THE MOVEMENT – In 2009, together with Mayree Clark, we mapped the funding moving to non-profit organizations focused on serving women and girls. Explore the map of funding and infrastructure within women’s philanthropy.

SHOP YOUR VALUES – Learn how to put your spending dollars to use for gender equality. Last updated in 2016, we describe and link to dozens of businesses whose products directly benefit women and girls. 

FILM AS A TOOL FOR SOCIAL CHANGE –  This guide was written in 2015 for our Women Moving Millions community to help our members invest in documentary film-making as a philanthropic strategy for social change. It is still super timely and relevant. 

WOMEN IN FUND MANAGEMENT: A ROAD MAP FOR ACHIEVING CRITICAL MASS – AND WHY IT MATTERS – The first report I helped to write and fund because of my passion around finding an answer to the question – Why so few women in finance? I did it in partnership with the The National Council for Research on Women research and it is still so relevant today! It seems to answer the question, and provides a solutions road-map.