With so many incredible organizations in the world doing amazing work, it is hard to know which ones to support.
Please click through my current favorite NGOs to learn more about how they are changing the world for the better.

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I do my best to activate my financial resources in alignment with my values. One of the ways I do this is to invest in women entrepreneurs. Did you know that female founders receive less than 10% of venture capital dollars? Well they do. Change starts here. Below are a list of companies in which I am an angel investor.  Join me in supporting them.

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Storytelling at its best creates empathy, and this is never more apparent when it comes to documentary films. Social issue documentary films have unparalleled potential to educate, raise awareness, and enact social change across the globe, which is why I have been an avid investor in these stories for years.
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I may have been a late adopter of the wealth of knowledge that is the world of podcasts, but now that I’m here, I’m completely addicted.
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There are literally billions of videos just waiting to be discovered online, but I have a few favorites, including my video of the month.
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