To New Beginnings…

As published on LinkedIn Influencers on August 14th, 2017.

I have not posted since May 25th when I celebrated Wonder Woman coming to the big screen. Finally! Friends keep asking me how many times I have seen the film. The answer? Four. And it gets better every time. Additionally, I had a blast doing so much press around my Wonder Woman collection, and I am even going to be featured in a documentary Warner Brothers is doing about superheroes. That was June, now it is August, and I am only just starting to reconnect with the world. My summer was filled with lots of college visits with my daughter, and a few weeks sorting and selling cherries roadside at our family farm in Canada. Efforts were made to keep up with everything else I do from September to June, but when those efforts left me frustrated and stressed, I decided it was time to just let it go. I realized that the world would not come to an end if I did not respond to an email, consider that new company for an angel investment, make a connection that someone asked me to do, or write that article. I did of course knock a few things off of the to do list, including this one: launching a new personal website.

Ten years ago I began to write on a regular basis. I started a small blog on Blogspot called Purse Pundit, and I began to share with the world my thoughts on the world financial markets. I couldn’t have picked a better time to do so, because as we all know, 2008 was a crazy year for the world economy, and I was soon writing several blog posts a week. Since then, my small little blog grew into my own personal website, and while I may not write every other day anymore, I have published over 750 articles in the past 10 years, both on my website and on various other platforms. Over the past decade, my writing has grown and (hopefully!) improved (thank you editor Laura!), but more importantly, it has changed focus. While I’m still happy to tell people my opinions on the market if asked, I now write about things that matter to me. I write on issues that capture my attention, on people I think are interesting, on books I am reading, on research I am consuming, and on companies and non-profits I think are awesome.

And now, I have a better website, a very simple one, that better enables me to share information in all the various categories that align with what I write about, what I care about, and how I spend my time. In the favorites section you will find a list of my favorite books, companies, NGOs, and films, with lots more to come! Under the resources section, you’ll find links to numerous documents and tools, including an aggregated list of the 400 best reports on women and girls, a manual for how to shop your values, and a guide for investing in film as a tool for social change.

While I’m excited to launch this new site, this is exactly just that. A launch. A new beginning. I will be adding more content constantly, and I hope you will continue to check in. And if you find something you like, please share it and pass it on.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and I will be back soon with one final post on Wonder Woman to celebrate the film’s incredible success. Then I will move on. At least until the sequel comes out.

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