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Published on LinkedIn “Influencers” on December 31, 2013

I love year end “Best Of” lists, which is good, because around this time we’re usually inundated with lists of the best books, movies, quotes, articles, albums, you name it. At this time I digest what I can, print out the rest, and then store these lists in various folders for later review when I need suggestions on what to watch or read. I’ve already published my favorite quotes from this past year, so today I’m going to share my favorite books of 2013. Full disclosure, I may be a bit biased in many of these selections, as they have been written by friends of mine, but they are wonderful people and incredibly thoughtful, so I hope you enjoy reading their work.

New Books in 2013:

“What Will it Take to Make A Woman President?” By Marianne Schnall

Back in 2008, Schnall was asked by her daughter, “Why haven’t we ever had a women president?” This question got her thinking, and recently she published What Will it Take to Make A Woman President?, a summary of her findings, and an analysis of the many barriers women face while taking the path of public office. I’ve previously written about the book, and as a fan of Schnall’s previous work on, I was sure to pick many copies. It made the perfect Christmas gift!

“Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor” By Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Hewlett is an expert in the area of gender and workplace politics, and over the years she has written several books, countless articles, and given numerous lectures on this subject throughout the world. Her previous works include When the Bough Breaks: The Cost of Neglecting Our Children, The War Against Parents, Off-Ramps and On-Ramps, Top Talent, and the book that put her on the map: Creating Life: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Having a Baby and a Career. Do you remember the whole BABY PANIC thing in 2002? Well this book set it off! In Hewlett’s latest book she talks about what we all need to move briskly forward in our careers. She remains a great friend and it was an honor to have served on the board for The Center for Talent Innovation which she leads.

“The Athena Doctrine” By John Gerzema

Released last April, The Athena Doctrine looks at the worldwide trend of adopting, or at the very least admiring leadership styles that focus on the traditionally feminist traits such as collaboration, nurturing, flexibility, and cooperation. Gerzema spoke about his research in a TEDxWomen talk in December of 2012, and since the book’s publication in April, it has gone on to become a best-seller on multiples lists. ( photo with John above)

“The Stiletto Network” By Pamela Ryckman

Everyone has heard of the Old Boy’s Club. But what about a New Girl’s Network? In The Stiletto Network, Ryckman looks at the new network of powerful women who are coming together to make a difference, champion a cause, or to simply achieve unprecedented levels of success in business and industry. A wonderful look at the networking capabilities of women, this book even makes mention of yours truly.

Making Marriage Simple” By Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt

Helen LaKelly Hunt and her partner Harville Hendrix are THE marriage experts who have co-authored many books over the years detailing their theory of relationships: the Imago Relationship Therapy. Their new book, Making Marriage Simple, outlines the 10 simple truths that lead to a happy and meaningful marriage. Released in March, I wrote about this book at that time, and my appreciation for its lessons have only grown since. Be sure to also check out another book by Helen and a personal favorite of mine: Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance.

How to Change Minds” By Rob Jolles

People are inherently afraid of change, even when it is in their best interest to make said change. While many people have discovered the futility of browbeating others to change their ways, Jolles has discovered a unique method for helping give people a good nudge in the right direction that is rooted in compassion and understanding. As the title notes, it’s the Art of Influence Without Manipulation. This was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot wait to dig in. My new obsession is behavior change communication so this book is at the top of the stack.

A few more to make it a list of 10! Though not new they are great for multiple reasons.

Additional Must Reads:

  1. However Long the Night” By Aimee Molloy – I met the subject of this book, Molly Melching, this past year. She runs an organization called TOSTAN, based in Senegal, which is working to end the dangerous practice of female genital cutting. Listening to her talk about her theory of change literally gave me goose bumps. No wonder Melinda Gates said an hour with Molly changed her life. An hour with her changed mine too.
  2. The Blue Sweater” By Jacqueline Novogratz – Novogratz is another NGO leader who is beyond extraordinary. She founded and runs the ACUMEN Fund ,which “invests in companies, leaders, and ideas that are changing the way the world tackles poverty”. She believes in “patient capital” and so do I.
  3. Women & Philanthropy” By Sondra Shaw-Hardy & Martha A. Taylor – Two wonderful woman who literally wrote the book on women’s philanthropy. As the CEO of Women Moving Millions I too need to be an expert, and it is awesome to have these amazing women as friends and mentors.
  4. Guyland” By Michael Kimmel – I heard Kimmel speak this fall at a conference and he blew my mind. He is a sociologist that specializes in gender studies and his books are primarily about masculinity. Not only is this book helping me to better understand my 16 year old son, but it is also more generally illuminating.
  5. Zoobiquity” By Barbara Natterson-Horowitz & Kathryn Bowers – A best seller from 2012 this book explores the connection between human and animal health. As a lover of animals, and in particular two dogs named Sunnie and Canaan, I am anxious to learn more.

Do you have a favorite from 2013 or just a favorite more generally? Do share. Happy reading and Happy New Year!

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