Global Women’s Leadership Summit – Join Me

jacki_zehner1 I am excited to be presenting this year at The Global Women’s Leadership Summit (GWALS) which kicked off on October 14th. In my session, which will be live online on October 29th, I will be talking about the advancement of women and girls. I am going to share my personal story on why this is so important to me and tie it into how I got where I am today as CEO of Women Moving Millions, who’s mission is to mobilize unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls.You’ll have to sign up and register to hear more!

The summit continues through November 1st with two weeks of amazing presentations and talks given by industry leaders, thought leaders, authors, (lets just say there is no shortage of successful, qualified and passionate people presenting at this summit.) But what is GWALS? The Global Women’s Leadership Summit’s mission is to “advance women globally by connecting you to the top women experts for education networking and community. We have the bold mission of advancing the financial prosperity and leadership capability of 5 million women by the year 2020.” Love it!

What makes GWALS so unique is the entire summit is webinar based. With everyone living such busy lives today its hard to find 3 or 4 days to attend these big events, not to mention expensive! GWALS is bring the top experts to you by taping each session and making them available online exclusively to summit participants.  On your personal portal you can catch up on any sessions missed and review sessions you’ve already seen. No travel, no hassle and unbelievable resources are just a click away. See below for a list of other people that are presenting at the Summit. It is not too late to sign up so  Click here to register and check out all the presentations that have taken place over the last three weeks!

Click here for the full summit agenda . Speakers include:

* Cherie Blair – Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
* Marianne Williamson – NY times #1 bestselling author, spiritual teacher and international speaker
* Betsy Myers – Leadership Expert. Former COO, Obama for President; Sr. Adviser to President Clinton
* Riane Eisler – JD, Named one of the Great Peace Leaders with Gandhi, Dalai Lama.
* Meera Sanyal – Chairperson Royal Bank of Scotland  India.
* Joanna Barsh- McKinsey & Company Director Emeritus, Centred Leadership Project
* John Gray – Ph.D. Best-selling relationship author of all time, communication expert
* Gina Bianchini- Founder & CEO at Mighty Bell, Co-founder Lean In
* Janice Ellig- Named by Business Week, “The World’s Most influential Headhunters”
* John Gerzema – New York Times Best Selling Author, author of the Athena doctrine
* Shelly Porges – Head U.S State Dept. Global Entrepreneur Program, Former Finance Co-chair Hillary Clinton PAC.
* Sally Helgesen – Internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker and Leadership consultant.
* Maya Hu-Chan – Rated Asia’s top Leadership Expert

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