Women Give 2013 – Charitable Giving by Girls & Boys

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 3.06.14 PMThe Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is one of the leaders in their field of research on women’s philanthropy which examines gender differences in philanthropic giving. WPI is not only committed to being at the forefront of gender based research but also to educate donors, fundraisers, institutions, advisors, and other constituencies about the powerful and transformative role women play in philanthropic giving. I am indeed honored to serve on their advisory council with many other incredible women!

Their newest report released just yesterday, “Women Give 2013” , looks at the charitable giving of girls and boys. This empirically based research study is aimed to serve as a guide to parents looking to raise more charitable and philanthropically aware children. The 2013 report is the 4th in a series of research reports conducted at the Institute that focus on gender differences in giving to charity. Previous reports have examined gender differences in charitable giving across income levels, marital status, age/generation, and types of charitable organizations receiving the giving.

The study concluded, ‘This study demonstrates that parents who talk to their children about charitable giving can positively impact their children’s philanthropic behavior. Parents’ giving to charity is not enough to teach children to be charitable. Focused, intentional teaching by talking to children about charity is what works. This is true for children in families at all income levels and across gender, race, and age groups.” Please see below for more key takeaways from the report and links to download the full report and infographic.

Key Findings: Women Give 2013

  • Girls and boys are equally likely to give to charity.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 children, ages 8 to 19, give to charity.
  • Girls are more likely than boys to volunteer.
  • Talking to children about charity has a greater impact on children’s giving than role modeling alone.
  • Talking to children about giving to charity is equally effective regardless of the child’s gender, race and age.
  • For both girls and boys, parents who talk to their children about giving significantly increase the likelihood that the child will give to charity.

Download the full REPORT here.

Download the INFOGRAPHIC here.

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