Warren Buffett, “Be a Superhero”, and 10,000 Reasons to Love Goldman Sachs

JackiZehner WonderWoman HalloweenSocial media continues to change and evolve at an amazing rate. Tweeting, Blogging, Linking, Facebooking, Posting, Instagraming – who would have thought 20 years ago these would be commonly understood everyday language? I have been getting more active on all these platforms and one in particular, LINKEDIN.

In October 2012, LinkedIn launched a new platform called the “Influencers” which I was recently asked to join. The purpose of this platform is to give LinkedIn members the ability to follow an exclusive group of Influencers and thought leaders who are sharing their knowledge and insights with their 200+ million members.

Since I was asked to join the program about a month ago I have written three posts. The first was a topic of interest and response to an article published in Fortune about Warren Buffett. The second post I was asked to write by the LinkedIn team as part of a special feature – “The Commencement Speech You Wish You’d Heard.”  I joined other Influencers such as Maria Shriver, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and many more on giving the advice I wish I’d heard or knew when sitting in my cap and gown on graduation day. The third I just wrote last night and is about the 10,000 Small Business program of Goldman Sachs. The Influencers platform is a powerful tool and a great resource for professionals, current and aspiring. It’s offers a wealth of information, insights and advice from all kinds of women and men, telling their stories of success and failure, business experiences, and personal responses to current events. See my first three “Influencer” posts below and follow this link to see more about other “Influencers.”

Warren Buffett is Bullish– My response to an article published in Fortune magazine May 2013 “Warren Buffett is Bullish… On Women.” In the article Mr. Buffett says that “women are key to America’s prosperity”, and I could not agree more. My question to him? If you believe this, then what can you do, with your vast resources, to make it happen? And what might you tell others to do as well?

Class of 2013: Be a Superhero! Graduation season is upon us and LinkedIn asked Influencers to post about “The Commencement Speech You Wish You’d Heard” *Photo from Halloween 2004. This one was super fun to write and has already been read 15,000 times, since Tuesday! WOO HOO!

10,000 Reasons to Love Goldman Sachs –  This one I just wrote yesterday after returning from an event in Salt Lake City.  As I am hitting the send button I am heading off to Goldman’s annual meeting which is for the first time ever here as Salt Lake is now Goldman’s second largest office in the Unites States.  In his remarks last night CEO Lloyd Blankfein said the office here will have 1,700 employees by year end.

I hope you enjoy the posts! I big thank you to LINKEDIN for giving me this incredible opportunity.


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