MAKERS: Women Who Make America TONIGHT!!!!!

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It’s finally here! Tonight’s the night! Though the OSCARS were on Sunday, for me the big must watch premiere  is airing on PBS ( check for your local time) this evening and is MAKERS: WOMEN WHO MAKE AMERICA. I first heard about this project a number of years ago at a special gathering for the purpose of raising funds for this incredible endeavor.  The idea was that there was no one place you could go to to watch and listen to the stories of incredible women, women who have made history.  There was a sense of urgency as many of the women who were icons of the feminist movement in the United States were aging, and in some cases had already passed, and the stories had to be collected before we lost another women leader.  As it turned out that very evening Gloria Steinem was scheduled to talk about the effort but instead was at the bedside of Wilma Mankiller, the first woman chief of the Cherokee Nation, who would pass away that very day.  Though she could not be there, Gloria called us, and we all huddled around the phone as she shared what an incredible woman Wilma is, was, and how we simply MUST support this project.  I did. Many did.  And tonight as I watch this program I will be thinking of Wilma, and so many others that will not be featured in the film because they are no longer with us.


The MAKERS is about Trailblazers. It is about women who have changed the world as we know it, both known and unknown. For the first time they have come together  to share  their unique stories in this amazing documentary. It includes women like Madeline Albright, the first female secretary of state,  Erin Brockovich, the environmental activist whom the self titled movie was inspired by, and Brenda Berkman, the first NYC female firefighter. The three-hour documentary film, which is narrated by the incredible Meryl Streep, takes an in-depth look at major milestones for women from the victory of Roe v. Wade to the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment, from consciousness-raising about advertising imagery to the admission of women in sports. The women at the forefront of it all, the women who raised children but also stepped out of the typical female homemaker roll and became “Makers” of a movement, the women’s movement.

Check out the articles in the New York Times and the San Fransisco Gate for their reviews of the film.  The SFGate says, “”Makers” doesn’t focus exclusively on the female iconoclasts or major media events of the last half century. The other “side” gets equal time, not just out of fairness but because if there is one thing above all that the women’s movement should have taught us, it is that women are individuals who differ on thought, action, philosophy, politics and ambition.”

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Though I am beyond excited about the documentary I am more excited about the platform where all these stories live in greater detail.  If you have not yet visited MAKERS.COM then be sure to click now! Dozens of women in many categories are profiled, including many of my friends, mentors and other SUPERSHEROS!  This platform is a gift to all of us.  If anyone ever asks you “Where are the Women Leaders?” Take them to  MAKERS.

I offer my personal congratulations to all the people who made this possible with a special shout out to Dyllan McGee, Executive Producer.  Dyllan… thank you for your passion, your commitment, your perseverance, your talent, your brilliance, your warmth.  You just made history girl and we all so very grateful.
Thank you AOL for making this as big as it is, and all the other sponsors!!!

One thought on “MAKERS: Women Who Make America TONIGHT!!!!!

  1. I watched Makers last night. Very powerful. I am buying the DVD to watch again. After all my years of hearing about women’s issues, this time the stories hit a nerve in me.
    I had an “ah ha” moment and realized that I hadn’t been able to allow myself to feel and understand the instances of discrimination when they were happening to me. All I knew at those moments was that I was being put down and I needed to shrug it off. ( My Dad put me down quite a bit as a way of building my brother up, so I became expert at the shrugging off)
    Thank you for supporting this program and sharing with me.

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