TEDxWomen – Heading Home

For those that get my blog entries mailed to them so sorry about having the wrong link for my session in the previous email.  Here it is!   Thank you for even considering taking the time to watch. Hope you like it.

Most importantly here is the LINK to all the talks from TedxWomen 2012. Consider watching while checking out the twitter feeds which really gives you a sense of the energy in the room.( look up  #Tedxwomen)  I simply must call your attention to the section THE RISING which was the last. Oh my gosh… truly, I don’t know where to begin.  Eve Ensler you were incredible.  I hung on ever single word and the whole session was brilliantly curated. Brilliantly.

If I did not have to sit on this plane after literally no sleep in days to prepare for a board meeting tomorrow I would give you all the complete rundown but just give yourself a gift and watch some or all of these sessions. Knowing HOW MUCH WORK every single presenter put in to their talks, and how amazing these men and women ALL ALL ALL are,  just do it!  There are talks in this bunch that will get MILLIONS of view. Millions.  If I had to pick one, just one, that truly blew my mind in how provocative it was I would pick this one by IO Tillet Wright.

Thank you Pat Mitchell! Thank you TED team. Thank you to ALL THE AMAZING SPEAKERS. Thank you to my friends who came to support me and those who sent emails, or posted on Facebook, or called. Thank you to my new friends and dance partners. This weekend was TRULY one of the most spectacular, memorable ones ever. Ever.

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