“BUZZ” Local Aseda Wild Honey- Help Bring it to YOU!

Do you love good honey? I mean who doesn’t right? Try drizzling the best honey you can find, Aseda Wild Honey for example, on a yummy cracker with a slice of St. Andre. Truly heaven on earth. What makes it so much better is the knowledge that in buying that honey you are supporting women and there families in Ghana.

Aseda was started by Anthony Baron Kirk in Salt Lake City, Utah because of his love for honey and the knowledge of it’s healing properties.  Let me tell you, Anthony is one very cool person.

The company describes their efforts on the Kickstarter website, “The creation of the Aseda Bee Keepers has created an industry for the people of Mole. An industry, which strengthens the bio-diversity of the land, through the natural process of pollination, which also creates crops to thrive. An industry, that has taken a tribal job for survival and turned it into an opportunity to share a delicious gift, with the world. With this gift of sweetness, Aseda has built a community in Utah who is interested in health and connecting to our global community, while supporting the environment and building a healthy bee population.”

So what can you do? Like them on Facebook , visit Kickstarter to support their work  and help bring Aseda Wild Honey to a store near you!

Anthony we wish you the very best and thank you for the work you do in the world!


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