Women, Power, Money and Changing the World – Letting it rip……

I am not sure if I love when this happens or hate when this happens.   At 5:30 am  my eyes popped open because ideas, words, were flowing through my head so fast they had to be released somewhere. Not surprising really as it has been three days, three very FULL days,  of New York.  Every once in a while I used to write these blog entries called “My Diary” that were just free flowing. There were like word clouds without the cloud part.  Ideas. Bits of conversations.  Names. Places.  The description that most comes to mind is “word vomit.” (but without the smell.)  The purpose, really, is to just get it out in order to make me feel better. I become just so full and then there is a complete inability to process as there is just no space left in my brain to put anything in. There is also the additional need to empty myself as I am soon to be heading back to the “Women in the World” conference today where I am sure to be filled right back up. Usually this dumping happens on the plane back home, but I still have two more days in New York! So here it goes….

Monday RED eye bumped to first because I am flying so much YIPPEE arrive NYC sleep? no foot massage lunch with Pat Mitchell artist Linda Stein OH MY GOSH Wonder Woman Art body armor vest gender fluidity What is feminine? What is masculine? Gloria Steinem years ago talking about that very thing left Federal Reserve Bank National Council for Research on Women Panel Discussion Davos World Bank The White House Harvard The Business Case for Women STOP IT “Gender Equality is a human right – we should care about it for no other reason“Gaps Gain Stalled 17% Rich Poor Class Evidence Sustainability Ranking Global Wage Gap QUOTAs Meritocracy Women Effect Investing Impact Money Poverty In Europe it is about Bad Luck in the US it is about not working hard enough  Dinner NCRW 30th Anniversary Honoring Women Beth Brook hugs Abigail Disney hugs Anita Hill changed my life Soledad O’Brien thank you Helen LaKelly Hunt honoree Barbara Dobkin love her so much so many women I worship honored friends kisses former board member The Power of Research sleep WED am Meeting New kind of PARTNERSHIP Future Women Moving Millions brilliant women Community Meeting Markets Investment Strategy Asset Allocation Risk Buckets Expected Return Risk free rate what is that anymore with US 10 year treasures artificially held down through FED purchase programs? discounted cash flows Equity valuations How much is enough Security Cost of Living Generosity Gender Lens Investing Golden Seeds Others Mutual Respect Gold Cash The long term next Women Moving Millions team strategy session Jess Nina Amanda Joan my team LOVE Respect DESTINY PURPOSE Tuti Mission Statement Vision Values Why do we exist? Hot room Chocolate Others Repeat Got it WOO HOO Debate Why do we EXIST? What Counts Community IN Donor OUT Measurable Outcomes Advancement of Women and Girls Commitment  Millions Knowledge Sharing Movement Mobilizing Greater resources for WOMEN leave Screening “The Invisible War” RAPE The US Military Tears Injustice Suicide Chain of Command Action The Power of DOcs sleep Thursday breakfast Monique Villa The Thomson Reuters Foundation Trust Women Conference ACTION Women’s Rights “Information is a form of Aid”  Information is power International Justice Mission Sex Slaves V Day WMM Branding Messaging Time Frame Audience Purpose Community Millions Resources Power History The Dinner Party Women funding Women Unprecedented .A New Culture of Philanthropy Inclusive lunch more discussion fall event retreat FUN unexpected conversational NO PANELS Global from Campaign to Community rush to cocktails hosting WOMEN Community members Just having fun together and hanging out Connections Linda Stein with WW vest one Jacki buys it off her back Work part over “Women in the World” Line around the block  Christy Turlington Burns met lovely Tina Brown Giving Voice Like that Forced Marriage: Are Women to BLAME? Are you kidding me How about “Using our Power Tools: Investment Dollars as Drivers of Positive Change”  Madeline Albright Amazing “Special Place in Hell for Women who Don’t Help other Women”  War How many deaths are enough? Complicated Angelina Jolie  disappointed wanted Her to speak about HER work over dinner starving amazing women at the table motherhood marriage divorce The BODY SHOP Success Child Care Centers “When we provided the child care, women had the babies and came back to work after 3 months instead of 12. Productivity was huge as our women were happy and close to their babies” Serving on Boards Liability Need more women CEOS Lack of access to capital equals Capital Punishment leave GIRL TALK until 1 am Finish International Women’s Day BLOG entry …sleep 1:30 am.  Eyes open 5:30 am. Head spinning Dream Meeting Robert Redford and his son Jamie outside his restaurant Zoom in Park City and they both had bad teeth…. Strange….

I feel so much better. I just needed to get it out.

I truly believe that there is something very exciting going on as it relates to the advancement of women and girls.  As I wrote below in the last blog entry after what I believe has been a lost decade with respect to any really progress we are at the verge of accelerating.    We are going to get unstuck and the catalyzing agents are these three things: money, economic consequences  and social media. First money.  if you go to the RESOURCE/FACT part of my web-site under economic clout and wealth you will see amazing statistics.  Women have so much economic power and we are going to start using it. Let this sink in ladies ( and feminist men) – we have UNPRECEDENTED financial and economic power. This power relates to our giving, our investment dollars, and our consumer purchasing power.  Combine that with the power of social media and POP.  Think about what has happened this year. ( I should have included it in the blog about women’s history)  Women have been using social media to organize and to act.  The defunding of Planned Parenthood by The Susan G Komen Foundation was halted and new money flowed in to the organization because the news went viral. Rush Limbaugh lost financial sponsors BECAUSE of the outrage around his comments.  Note not because he said those things, but because of the outrage that was brought to light because of social media.  Though in these two examples we were not specifically using our pocketbooks our collective actions drove economic CONSEQUENCES.  These forces together are SO POWERFUL it makes me giddy with possibility. Let me say it again – WOMEN’S ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL CLOUT PLUS SOCIAL MEDIA is the ACCELERATOR for POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE. (BIG TIME)

Running off to day two “Women in the World” – I have been tweeting up a storm.


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