MissRepresentation and The Invisible War Part II

The 2012 Sundance Film Festival was over a couple of weeks ago but some of the films I just can’t stop thinking about.  Looking back,  the film from 2011 that is still having incredible impact on me and will for some time is “MissRepresentation.”  Barely a day goes by that someone does not bring up this amazing documentary to me.  If you have not yet seen it, be sure to check out their web-site for a screening near you.  They also just launched a #DontBuyIt campaign on twitter. Click here to learn more.  You heard it here first, doc groups are the new book groups. Start one today.  For a good place to source some great films check out the list at Impactpartners.com.

The film from 2012 that will no doubt prove to be as memorable and impactful is  “The Invisible War.” I did a post on this film prior to it’s premiere, and I simply must revisit it now.  This incredibly well done and amazing investigative documentary about rape in the U.S. military won the Audience Award, U.S. Documentary at the 2012 festival.  The issue of rape in the military was mostly unknown to many people until “The Invisible War” brought the issue to the forefront. To learn more about “The Invisible War” and the issues surrounding rape in the military you can visit their website.  Please  sign up for their newsletter and  TAKE ACTION by signing a petition to stop rape in the military.

At Sundance I had the honor of meeting many of the brave women and men featured in the films.  One women in particular was Kori Cioca. It is beyond unacceptable what happened to her and the fact that as a VA she cannot get the medical care she needs as a result of the rape she endured is shameful.  Please show women like Kori, and thousands of others that have had similar experiences that it is not okay. Check out a sit down interview with director Kirby Dick with survivors Kori Cioca and Trina McDonald on Democracy Now.

For a complete list of the award winning films click here – 2012 Sundance Film festival award winning movies.

As my final note on Sundance 2012, I was honored to host an amazing Sundance event, “Women at Sundance” for many of the most influential and visionary women at Sundance:  writers, directors, producers, first time Sundance artists, and friends. We gathered at my home to hear some great speakers, including director Catharine Hardwicke (of Twilight, Thirteen and others),  and some ground breaking news about Sundance partnering with Women In Film to help ensure that women in film have the resources necessary to succeed. Pat Mitchell, who was a co-host, wrote a wonderful article on the event. “The goal is to formulate a vision for support within the scope of both institutions’ programs [Sundance Institute and WIF]. The efforts will focus on supporting opportunities or paths toward sustained careers, inclusivity and parity, and the diversity in the content and backgrounds of women filmmakers.” It was a great festival and I look forward to 2013.


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