Is Inequality between the sexes a ‘women’s issue?’

I just had to share this quote from an article in TheWIP by Katharine Daniels, Executive Editor.

“One of the most important things I have learned as executive editor of The WIP is that while we live in a world that is deeply sexist, many are willing to turn a blind eye to that reality in the pursuit of ideological beliefs. Whether it is the pursuit of democracy in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya or the pursuit of stability in Afghanistan, the inequality between the sexes is still perceived as a ‘women’s issue.It is left to be fought for by feminists rather than seen as a societal issue for which we all bear responsibility, and when rectified, we will all flourish.”

AMEN.  This ‘it’s a women’s issue’ thing is a huge barrier to progress, huge.  When women are half the population it is insane that ‘our issues’ are considered special interest.  Insane. Further if you are not a woman, you would not be on this planet without one, so as men should you not care about in inequalities faced by your mothers, your sisters, your daughters and so on? Women’s issues are human rights issues, as men’s are. When the thinking of the masses begins to shift, change will accelerate and “we will all flourish.”

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