Koinonia and a Luv-o-Lu-Tion

Koinonia. Up until this morning I had never heard of this word. It is a greek word that appears in the bible which in translation means deep fellowship.  Not fellowship as in “let’s hang out at the bowling alley together,” but rather fellowship as in  “I will lay down my life down for you.” It means caring so much about the relationship that it leads to a profound shift in both attitudes and behavior.

Who are you in Koinonia with? God? Your spouse? Your kids? Your friends? Think about what it would mean to our world if we were in Koinonia with everyone.  The world is in deep need. People are in deep need. Maybe you are in deep need.  The solution to need is easy in principle, but hard in action. The solution is generosity. The solution is a Luv-o-lu-tion. ( noun: A dramatic change in the way love works)

Needless to say I had myself a little church this morning, ( K2 in Salt Lake City to be exact), but this message goes beyond my church. This message  goes beyond any church. In a world of injustice and pain and suffering  and poverty and us versus them  and war and terrorism and “Occupy Wall Street”  this is a solution.

My 14 year old son is skeptical.  Though he admits we should all try to do something good, to be good,  he feels it will not collectively make a difference. I respectfully disagree. If we all “ do what we can with what we have where we are” it will make a huge difference.  For me giving up on each other is really not an option.  Feeling insignificant is not an option.  I aspire to live a generous life which my pastor put this way:

–  Take time to acknowledge all you have. Give thanks and live in that “attitude of gratitude.”

– Once you have given thanks, no matter how much or how little, but especially if how much, release your grip on it.  We are stewards not owners.

–  Try to live in “Koinonia.” Live in fellowship and love with one another and be as generous as you can be to each other.  Respond to those in need. “Do what you can……

I am sharing this not as a teacher, but as a student.  I am not as generous as I can be.  I am not as kind as I can be. I am not alot of things I want to be but I can promise you I wake up every day and try.  Greed and fear and privilege and entitlement are demons I reckon with ever day.  For me, it will be my love and relationship with God that helps loosen their grip.

May you have a blessed day.

We sang the song “I Will Follow You”  by Chris Tomlin at church today.  It is one of my favorite gospel tunes.  If you want to listen click here.


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