Mother’s Day

I was so fortunate to grow up with a fantastic mother. What made her so great? She was loving, accepting, expected me to do my best but never beat me down when I did not, made Barbie toys with me, worked hard to bring in an income for our family, supported my crazy hobbies like horse-backed riding and body building, had a healthy relationship with my father, did not favor one child over the other, went out of her way to help others, and really never complained about any of it. I was so lucky and I thank God every day for being born in to such an amazing family and pray I am doing the same for my children.

But the reality is that too many mothers no matter how much they may want to, cannot be that for their children. Economic stress might be wearing them down. They may not be fortunate enough to have a husband that was as solid as my dad was. They might not have been raised in a loving household so they in turn do not know how to give love. And for too many they are so poor they cannot even afford to keep their children fed and in medical care. So no presents for me this Mother’s Day. Not only am I just doing my job but instead I want my family to commit incremental resources to helping mothers around the world. Without healthy mothers, we will not have healthy children, nor families, nor communities and so the story goes. So today, and every day, honor your mothers, and help make this world a safer and healthier place for all. For ideas on organizations to support please see the list to the right or take the recommendations of Nicholas Kristof in his most recent article.
(pictured my mother Rose with my 94 year old amazing grandmother, Sadie)