Kathy LeMay featured in CURVE Magazine

Sometimes I pull out a piece of paper and just start writing down everything I am thankful for. I usually do this when I am feeling ( or acting) especially selfish, or angry, or sad, or disappointed, or impatient. Inevitably the name Kathy LeMay appears on that list because Kathy is one special lady. If you read this article, you will begin to get a sense of why.

Why do I love this woman so much? One of the reasons is that she has this way of helping me be my best self. She helps me believe that anything is possible and that I, little me, can really make a difference in this world. She does this for so many. Besides that she is just brilliant, loving, generous, and a person who shows up!
Last year her first book came out called “The Generosity Plan: Sharing your Time, Treasure and Talent to Change the World.” Buy it. Give it. Have Kathy the rock star public speaker come talk at your gathering or event. Go Kathy!