Women’s ENews – 21 Leaders

Happy New Year! What a great first blog for 2011, acknowledging the 21 Women Leaders chosen by Women’s ENews to be this years honorees. ( click here from FB) I have the pleasure of knowing and working with a number of these fantastic women.

First, Linda Basch. Linda is the President of the National Council for Research on Women where I continue to serve as Board Member Emeritae. Linda is passionate, articulate, and deeply committed to leveraging the power of research to create positive change. Congratulations Linda!
Second, Kayrita Anderson. This women is a force of nature. Kayrita and her husband Harold are from Atlanta. Having supported an organization that provided a safe house for young girls escaping a life of prostitution they asked themselves, why are there so many girls in this situation? They decided to do something about it and created a program called “A Future, Not a Past,” taking a holistic approach to ending the prostitution of young girls in this country. Kayrita is a fellow Women Moving Millions donor and a board member with me of the Women’s Funding Network. Congrats Kayrita!
Third, Pamela Shifmin the Director of Initiatives for Women and Girls at the Novo Foundation. Novo is a foundation that gets it! They believe that “empowering girls and women with emphasis on increasing educational and economic opportunities in the developing world” is key to a more just and equitable world.” YES!! Thank you Pamela and my buddy Jennifer Buffet for doing what you do in the world. Congrats!
Fourth, Lauren Embrey! Lauren is another remarkable woman philanthropist and change maker. I have had the pleasure of serving with her as Co-Chairs of Women Moving Millions. She is authentic and passionate, caring deeply about the empowerment of women and girls in multiple realms. Congrats Lauren!
To the many other fantastic women nominated congratulations to all of you. I had the honor of being an awardee in 2009 it was a tremendous honor. A shout out goes out to Women’s ENews. If you are not currently a subscriber to their daily news briefs click here to become one. In addition please consider becoming a supporter of their work.

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