Markets and the Economy – Who I go to

I am sure you may have noticed that I have not been blogging that much about either the economy or the markets. (click here to link to my blog from facebook) The main reason is because there is just so much exceptional commentary ( and free!) that says it better then I can. In general I remain quite bearish on equities, and bonds. (see Rosenburg’s comments) So rather then going on and on about what I think, here is SHORT list of the people and places I go to for information:
1) David Rosenburg of Gluskin Sheff – formerly of ML. Click here to subscribe to his free daily newsletter. Great for the big picture!
2) Bill Gross of PIMCO – click here to acccess his monthly commentaries. Big picture plus bond market commentaries.
3) Nouriel Roubini of RGE Monitor – Robust, global economic and market commentary. Detailed analysis requires a subscription.
4) Michael Cembalest – JP Morgan. Again, not alot free, but put him on your google alerts.
6) Blogs/Aggregators – Naked Capitalism -check out their incredible blog roll.

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