Clinton Global Initiative – Women and Girls, and the NEW Girl Effect Video

This is a big week in New York City! The Clinton Global Initiative is happening, otherwise knows as CGI, gathering leaders in business, government and philanthropy from around the world. Former President Clinton started this movement in 2005 in attempt to turn “good intentions in to action and results.” Love it.”Building on President Clinton’s lifetime in public service, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) reflects his belief that governments need collaboration from the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and other global leaders to effectively confront the world’s most pressing problems. After attending thousands of meetings during his career in which urgent needs were discussed but no action was taken to solve them, President Clinton saw a need to establish a new kind of meeting with an emphasis on results.”

I considered attending this year but just could not make it happen. Thankfully so many of the women I know and deeply respect are there representing the gender related issues I care so passionately about. In particular my dear friend and the most fabulous Lisa Witter, author of “The She Spot” was the leader in convening a WHISPER ROOM to talk about the following:

• jobs/economic development
• leadership/women as decision makers
• innovation
• a million “new” opportunities for women that might be a catch-all for a number of different issues.

The need to invest in women and girls is front and center at this gathering as it is now broadly accepted that they hold the key to economic growth and security for all. There were many sessions where a gender lens was applied, as well as this dedicated plenary to “Empowering Women and Girls” featuring Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. ( click here to watch )

Here is a list of what this incredible initiative has accomplished.

Last but not least. Jennifer Buffet, President of the NOVO Foundation is an amazing philanthropist and I am honored to call, a personal friend. NOVO “seeks to foster a transformation in global society from a culture of domination and exploitation to collaboration and partnership, empowering women and girls as the primary agents of change.” I think they are the largest foundation dedicated to women and girls and they do incredible work.

Just released at CGI is this brand new GIRL EFFECT Video. If you have not seen it – click here.

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