Trust and Kindness

I am back from a 6 day whirlwind New York visit, my first since moving to Park City. I have so much to write about I cannot even stand it but tonight the post will be brief. I attended a three day retreat for Women Moving Millions and we had some very talented facilitators and some amazing speakers. ( more on that tomorrow) In opening the session they asked all the participants to do two things. The first – to look around the room, look at the faces present and imagine that you could trust every single person completely. Further imagine yourself as being completely trustworthy to others. Completely. She gave us time to digest that feeling and WOW. YOU think about that. Think about how your life, your actions, might be different if everyone you came across was completely trustworthy. In the moment and for ever more. Second she asked us to not be nice. Not nice. But she then asked us to make sure we were kind. Nice is telling someone they look like they lost weight when they haven’t because you know it would mean a lot to them to hear you say it. Kind is helping them to in fact lose it. ( my example) This set the stage for the whole retreat and I am taking these two things out with me in the world. These are big ideas and I love them. The whole weekend was just such a gift. Such a blessing. Such a well of abundance and possibility. I will look forward to sharing more.

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