“The Time is Now For Women to Stand Up and Start up”

This is a great article about women and social media from the blog ComSCORE. Thanks to Linda Ambraham for the post.

“Now maybe this gender disparity is not particularly noteworthy or an issue even worthy of consideration. After all, technology has often been the purview of men, so doesn’t the composition of the start-up community merely reflect that fact? That may be the case. But it is only when you understand just how important women are to the fabric of the digital media landscape that you begin to see the opportunity for women in our industry – and why the time is now for women to stand up and start up.”

Love that last line. I think we (the royal we) have been good about pointing out the challenges, barriers and inequities but Linda is right, ladies if we don’t like the landscape, then it is up to US to help change it. Let’s use our power to create positive change and break open the gates to opportunity and advancement for all. Gender balance. Shared power. Let’s live it, breathe it, and act with that goal in mind in all we do.

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