Shelby Knox on the New Wonder Woman! (and a bit on the markets)

I just read a great essay by Shelby Knox on the new WW that is certainly worth sharing. (thanks Gloria for sending it to me!) Check out more on Shelby in the about section – one super cool young feminist! The essay also links to a page on Facebook where you can join the movement to reclaim WW. Love it.

The Markets – Sorry for the lack of commentary of late but the whole moving process has been a bear and I have not been keeping up on all my reading. That said, my views have not changed that much. I continue to be quite bearish on the equity markets overall, but have started to sell puts to create some entry points below current levels. I see a few major problems domestically. The first is housing. Prices remain low and soft with inventory high. This has a major wealth and spending effect. The second is the upcoming tax increases. This again will hit spending and restrict growth. The third issue I worry alot about is our deficit. I am not in the Krugman camp that thinks deficits don’t really matter. The good news is the US can fund cheaply at the moment and I am sure they are issueing as many long dated treasuries as possible. I continue to be somewhat obsesssed with the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This debacle of epic proportions will cost the American taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars and as long as housing remains a mess, the losses will mount. Heartbreaking.

That said, it is a beautiful day in Park City! Sending you all my best…

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