“DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman!”

If you know me you know that I love Wonder Woman! I collect WW memorabilia, and in fact thanks to my good friend BL I have the original Linda Carter outfit from her hit TV show! I have loved WW since I was a child when I used to wake up early Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. Remember when that was the only time there were on? Superfriends was my fav. I also loved the TV series of course and I cannot believe they have not relaunched it yet.
The big news this week is the release of the new WW comic book – issue 600! This internet writer hates the new appearance ( me too!!!!!!!! this other photo is just plain ridiculous ) There are making her out to look like a porn star. Great, just what our kids need. I have heard the main readers of comics are young adult males, but really do they have to do this to the classic character of WW? If this is a preview of what the lead character in a possible movie might look like… pllleeeassee……………………
My passion for WW runs deep and it may be about time I did something about it besides collect stuff. 8 years ago I had an idea for a WW screenplay. I still have it. Over the years I have talked to Gloria Steinem about getting together and taking a stab at it, as she is one of the world’s experts on WW! With my move to Utah and heck of a lot more time on my hands soon, I hope, the time may have come! If a trashy, dumb, offensive movie comes out about WW I will truly be heartbroken. Warner Brothers has struggled for a decade to create a screenplay for the film and maybe it has all been for a reason. There is SUCH an opportunity to create a truly iconic new character that redefines FEMALE super heroism. Hmm… getting a meeting with the studio execs at Warner Brothers has just gone to the top of my to do list for the fall. I will report back!
P.S. My second favorite WW possession is a children’s WW pop-up book given to me by Gloria to add to my collection. I cried when I opened the box.
Hmm…I may have to start a whole WW section on this blog dedicated to both news on the comic, the TV show, the movie!!!!! but more importantly the WW in my life. Lots to do… but the boxes are not going to unpack themselves.
Have a great weekend!

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