The End of Men?


The cover article of Atlantic Monthly Magazine this month has this title – “The End of Men: How Women are Taking Control of Everything” by Hanna Rosin. The article quotes many of the statistics showing the increasing economic, social and political power and influence of women. She refers to much of the same research we featured in our report, “Women in Fund Management: A Road-Map to Critical Mass and Why it Matters,” which has a call to action in terms of what we should be doing to increase the number of talented women in the CEO suite, the boardroom, on corporate boards and more. Read this very, very long article and see what you think.
I feel the title, which of course is meant to be provocative, does not frame the issue correctly and honestly, is worrisome. Women are not taking control of everything, nor should taking ‘control’ be the goal. This women win, men lose thing, (and vice versa ) is both dangerous and plays in to the masculine norms that dominate our society. The goal should be the best outcomes possible, and that happens when the both men and women work together. What men in power need to embrace is the potential that lies in more fully acknowledging and embracing these demographic trends and economic arguments.
What should we strive for? What does it mean to partner? Check out this OPED I wrote wome time ago called – Brokenness, Hope and Women.

My conclusion – “We can talk about new appointments and new administrations, but it is in valuing men and women, boys and girls equally and in enabling their full participation in society, that we will set the course for the positive change we need to see in our families and our public and private institutions.”

…. we can all win.

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