Auburn Lives of Commitment Breakfast 2010


Thursday was a very special day for me. Auburn hosted their annual Women’s Live of Commitment Breakfast and I was deeply touched to be an honoree. Auburn Theological Seminary is an institute for religious leadership and their new President is the most wonderful Katharine Henderson, author of “God’s Troublemakers: How Women of Faith are Changing the World.” I want to thank the MANY friends and family who showed up bright and early to show their support, and the many more who sent such lovely notes as well as gifts to Auburn. Please know how grateful I am!!! To watch my acceptance speech on YOUTUBE click here.
Following the breakfast I had the opportunity to participate on a panel with my fellow honorees on the topic of “Women, God and Money.” The most spectacular Kathy LeMay, author of “The Generosity Plan,” was the moderator, and my oh my did she ask some tough questions. That woman knows me too well and was not about to let me off easy. She asked us all the question, in a world where so many have so little, how much is enough to give? Since this was a faith based panel we all acknowledged that we are called to give, a minimum of 10%. But is that enough? I think we are called to be generous, as generous as we can be not only of our financial resources but of so much more. Why we CHOOSE to be give must come from somewhere, and for me, it is because of my faith. In my acceptance speech ( below ) I spoke about my faith and it appears below. My blog entry on the day I mentioned ( October 28th, 2008) and can be found here in case you are interested. It was the day so much changed for me….
I spent that evening with some of the most incredible women on the planet. Thanks to my buddies who planned the gathering….. love you so much. It truly meant the world to me.

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  1. Rev. Julie Emery said…
    Jacki – It was an honor to meet you, to hear (a piece) of your story, as well as your insights on faith, gender equality, and money. I left the LOC breakfast feeling wonderfully inspired, certainly in part due to you. Thank you thank you thank you. Many blessings on your future.

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