$50,000 from eBay for Fundraising Tournament. Top-voted Nonprofits Win.

I want to share with you some information about a remarkably new and fresh way to make giving fun! It’s a social fundraising movement and the culmination of over 50 people’s collaborative efforts, tens of thousands of entirely volunteer hours and less than $5,000 in capital. This platform speaks to and truly engages younger audiences and is BIG and BOLD enough to tackle major world issues and challenge how people really think about fundraising. Humanity Calls is what the world needs now!

Specifically, Humanity Calls is the world’s first fundraising tournament platform designed to bring together nonprofits, companies, and individuals focused on global challenges such as health, education, women and girls and poverty. Its initial fundraising tournament for the environment just recently launched with $50,000 from eBay. For 8 weeks, a global community will vote on the top environmental nonprofits around the world to determine how this money, and much more, will be split up. Currently, over 115 environmental nonprofits have signed up for the tournament, with more expected to join. And last week alone, over 5,000 votes were cast for these nonprofits in the system!

The tournament is at the heart of a movement in which organizations use online voting to inspire philanthropy. Unique to Humanity Calls, however, is a focus on social media and game mechanics, which drive participation and charitable giving and ultimately increase the amount awarded to multiple nonprofits over the course of each Humanity Calls tournament. Nonprofits vie for votes that determine their share in a donated cash pool and individuals from around the world earn votes by taking action, such as donating and spreading the word through Facebook and Twitter.

Humanity Calls is a completely 501(c)3 registered nonprofit organization entirely powered by volunteer efforts and . Top-voted nonprofits receive 100% of individual donations (less third party payment processing fees for donations) at the close of the tournament.

I’ve been following the Humanity Calls story for some time and personally know the outstanding team behind this immense effort!!! To achieve their vision, which is to raise dozens of millions of dollars every year for the world’s best nonprofits, Humanity Calls needs your participation! Simply logging in to Humanity Calls provides ANYONE with one initial vote to cast in favor of the organization they believe to be most worthy to share in the +$50,000 tournament cash pool. Additional votes can be earned by donating directly to participating nonprofits, donating to the larger tournament cash pool and referring others to I urge you to go the website, watch hundreds of nonprofits vying for votes and earning thousands of dollars in donations while engaging tends of thousands of supporters right before your own eyes!

Please pass on the news about this amazing new organization and help Humanity Calls help Humanity.

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