A Call From SheWrites – My Heroines…

Deborah Seigel (pictured) of SHEWRITES has started something! She has asked all us bloggers to create a list of our women heroines. Love it. (click here to read more) So here is the problem.. I have way, way, way too many…. So if you are not included in this list, forgive me, and you will be in the next one… Not many on my list are bloggers, but they should be.

1) Deborah Seigel – Back at ya sista! ( girlwpen )I am not sure I would be blogging at all without your support. You are a gifted writer and a spectacular person.
2) Ann Kaplan – Founder of Circle Financial Group. Our friendship goes way back to the early 90’s when Ann as a senior women in Fixed Income at GS and I was a lowly associate. She has been my mentor forever.
3) Barbara Dobkin – Barbara is one of the most selflessly generous people I know. She gives and gives and serves and serves and always with humor and joy.
4) Kathy Lemay – Kathy you have rocked my world. She is the writer of the new book, “The Generosity Plan” and since the day I met she has challenged me about who I am and how I can make a difference.
5) My 92 year old Grandmother Sadie, my mother Rose, and my sister Teri – I have the most amazing women in my family and I love them all so much.
6) Helen Lakelly Hunt – For stepping out of her comfort zone and encouraging women of means to step up to fund women and girls.
7) Chris Grumm – President of the Women’s Funding Network – She is a force of nature and I am honored be a part of the community.
8) Stephanie Hanbury Brown – Creator of Golden Seeds, and angel investing network that funds women entrepreneurs. She walks the walk.
……. I could go on and on and on. I am so blessed and thank all the incredible women in my life.

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