More on Learnvest plus AUDUR!!

I know I just blogged on Learnvest a few days ago, but I have to again. I am an investor in this fantastic company, and it is a great news story in terms of what is going to help drive us out of the economic wasteland. It is all about creating jobs, jobs, jobs and in order to do that you need capital flowing to start-ups and further up the private equity food chain. (Story in CRAINS) Please visit the Learnvest site and sign-up for the daily insights!

One way to get access to women entrepreneurs is through GOLDEN SEEDS, and angel investing network founded by the most fabulous Stephanie Hanbury Brown. Golden Seeds is planning to launch a FUND which leverages their investment process and when they do, count me in!!!
I had the pleasure of Stephanie’s company and counsel today in a meeting with the equally fabulous Halla Tómasdóttir, Chairman of Audur Capital, a financial services firm emphasizing feminine values and social responsibility. I met Halla last fall in Deauville France and it feels like we must have been sisters in a former life. You may have read about Audur in the most recent article in New York Magazine’s article “If Women Ran Wall Street.” What were we talking about? Creating a financial services firm that leads with it’s values – risk awareness, profit with principles. valuing emotional and intellectual capital, independence, transparancy and straight talk. If you are smelling something it is a lot of good ideas cooking….
Picture of Jacki, Kristin and Halla of Audur.

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