David Allen – Getting Things Done

I am one busy woman and I continuously struggle with trying to manage it all. Years ago while at Goldman I had the opportunity to meet and work with the man to the left, David Allen. David is a personal productivity guru and I recommend his books, his seminars, his products. I also subscribe to his newsletter and today’s was too good not too share!

Here is what David does on a regular basis to stay clear, current and creative….
1. Collect Loose Papers and Materials
2. Get IN to Zero
3. Empty Your Head
4. Review Action Lists
5. Review Previous Calendar Data
6. Review Upcoming Calendar
7. Review “Waiting For” List
8. Review Project ( and Larger Outcome) List
9. Review Any Relevant Checklists
10. Review Someday/Maybe List
11. Be Creative and Courageous
Please visit David’s Web-site for more!

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