If you have not heard about SHE WRITES an online community for women writers you soon will. Two friends of mine created it and they are innovating their way to what will become an amazing, game-changing, platform. Kamy Wycoff and Deborah Siegel (pictured) are the brilliant women behind this effort. I am thrilled, honored, excited, and generally beside myself to be part of the advisory board. Check it out, join, share this exciting new opportunity with your women writer friends. What makes it so cool is that these two women are writers themselves, and honor the women for whom they have created this network. They are asking THEM what their needs are and delivering. The platform they are using is NING, co-founded by an awesome women herself, Gina Bianchini who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time last week. Ning is working in partnership with them to help them develope this web-based business. This is a new model and I am thrilled to be watching it take hold. You go girls!

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