We Are More – Shayne Koyczan

Greetings from the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver! It is really quite amazing to be experiencing this event with my 9 year old daughter, Allie. Yesterday we attended the USA vs Russia womens hockey game, and although it was a blow-out, I truly felt the girl power! Thank you Title Nine! Sadly few other countries dedicate the resources to develop women’s hockey and one can only hope that in future years the teams are more balanced. We also saw the men’s luge event at Whistler and saw Canadian Skier Alexandre Bilodeau receive the first EVER Gold Medal on Canadian soil.

Though we did not attend the opening ceremonies ( I heard the least expensive ticket was $500!!!) it was spectacular on TV and I had two favorite moments. The first was the poem “We Are More” by Penticton poet Shayne Koyczan. Click here to watch the video. The second was the song Hallelujah by Katie Lang which sadly is not yet available but it took my breath away!
Lots to write about the markets but watching the Olympics on TV with my daughter is a must… Go North America!

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