The Shriver Report – “A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything” PLUS “Shells”

I mentioned this report a while back but I finally received my hard copy and I cannot put it down! It is THE RESEARCH I have been waiting for. The report is filled with facts, stats and great quotes, but it is also a collection of incredible well-written essays by well known writers on some of the most important issues that frame gender equality. The one I read yesterday is called “Has a Man’s World Become a Woman’s Nation?” by Michael Kimmel and ‘it surveys the varied responses that men have had to women’s entry into the workforce and to losing the title of sole breadwinner.’ Greater gender equality can and should be a win/win proposition. Michael sites some great evidence that it is. You can access it on-line but it is well worth ordering a copy! link here.
A reader of my blog has asked me many time “how do I want to be remembered?” This is how. I want to be remembered, of course, for being a good mother, a good wife, a good friend, a good daughter….. but as it relates to the IT, to the what my life is about, about my purpose, it is to help advance gender equality in our world. Why? Because I truly believe that with greater gender equality comes economic growth, more healthy families, more healthy communities and more peaceful societies. God has put this passion in to my heart. He just has. My work is becoming more and more focused on this, which means I have to say no to a lot of things. BUT. BUT. It is because I said YES to this one thing ( and a very big thing with lots of dimensions), that it allows me to say no to a lot of other things. Ultimately there is only one judge as to whether we do ‘enough’ with of our lives. Whether we give enough of our time, talent and resources. Please can we stop judging eachother and help one another find our ITS, so that we can know, truly know, that our life has meaning and purpose. ( I want to thank Rob Bell and his Video Teaching SHELLS, for helping me know what I should hold on to, and what i need to let go of)

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