Haiti continued…

Tiffany shares a personal, inspirational, and heartwrenching reality of what the situation is currently and her hope for what we can do to help. The call starts about 4 minutes into the recording so you can fast-forward there. Click here to access. Hope for Haiti was started 20 years ago by Tiffany’s grandmother, Joann Kuehner. This organization is providing food, medical care, and help to children and families.To make a difference, donate to Hope for Haiti . (this call is courtesy of Julie Gilbert and the Wolf Means Business Network)

From Tiffany this morning…………

“Mikey ( her financee) called yesterday mid afternoon and I can’t tell you how good it was to hear his voice. He was at the UN base in Port-au-Prince getting ready to participate in a logistics meeting that was about to take place. He explained that the UN has almost been paralyzed by the significant loss of their team. Many are suffering from severe shock. So many organizations have lost their staff. Many of our friends, and fellow ex-pats did not make it. The institutional knowledge that was lost in literally seconds from the death of seasoned dedicated staff and professionals is irreplaceable.

Mikey has set up a Trauma Center at Villa Creole in Petionville where hundreds of people are coming for care. Thankfully another team of doctors/nurses arrived there last night and they are receiving more medical support, although they are very low on supplies. They are working on people literally on the pavement outside the hotel during the day and doing suturing and triage care by a headlamp at night.

E-mail from Mikey as of this morning at 7am
“We have lost many friends. I am working with agencies who are left and trying to prep the people coming. We will need box carts with strong wheels. I need large trash cans and bags cleaners, work gloves, good class 2 mask, construction masks. if we can, 2×4 wood, 3/4 plywood, 2in and 4in nails. we ill need to build up a doorm and office. tools saws nails. etc. ask Bart zino he can make a list fast. chairs, food – non-parashable MRE type food snack ete my team don’t have much. Un is trying to set up camps for NGO support but it is weeks off.

I am ok and working as fast as I can still running trauma center at night. we have about 150. maybe 100 new. losing many to internal injuries that we cannot operate on. “

Tiffany will be travelling to Haiti this weekend with a planeload of supplies donated by GE. Please keep her and the people of Haiti in your prayers.

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