Off to Europe….

I am sorry I have not been able to write about last week’s conference just yet but I have been madly preparing for my trip to France and Austria. We are doing a launch of the Women in Fund Management Paper at a global economic forum, and then I am off to a donor conference in Salzburg. I hope I will have easy access to blog from Europe but if not… I will have lots to post when I return. Best wishes…

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  1. Hi Ms. Zehner,

    Please allow me to introduce myself- I am Saakshi Arora, a freshman at Rutgers college based in NJ and currently, as part of my Knowledge and Power (Women’s Issues) class, we have been assigned a project that is focused on interviewing a woman in a challenging career role- defining practical hurdles, personal compromises and discrimination a woman encounters at various stages embracing their career. Personally, I was drawn to women working in investment banking and other senior level positions at Wall Street, as I have heard stories from friends and acquaintances on how hard it is for a woman in this field to prove herself as well as balance such a challenging and high-profile career with a family or other personal projects.

    While I was doing research on the topic, I came across a CBS news article called “Does Wall Street Need Women?” authored by Kelly Wallace and after reading this article, I was extremely intrigued by your thoughts and viewpoints and wanted to see whether you will be interested in being interviewed for this school assignment. I will truly be honored to be given this opportunity and will appreciate if you can respond to my interview request at your earliest convenience. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this and I will be more than happy to address your queries. My deadline for this project is November 18, 2009.
    Once I get a confirmation from you, I will work on getting your availability as well as present a finalized list of questions to you much before the interview date.

    Thank you and look forward to hear from you,
    Saakshi Arora

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