My 45th Birthday………………..

What is there to say about turning 45, except ……. at least it is not 50! Ha ha…. My forties have truly been the best 5 years yet and I thank my family and friends for making it another year to remember. I got my share of Wonder Woman Cards this year and one of my fav presents was WW Season Two on DVD. ( thank you Laura and Allie) My next fav one was a shelf/bookholder/clockstand that my son made for me with writing all over it… which we now affectionately call the “Mom Shrine.” For anyone who asks me “Jacki, what would you like as a present?” My answer, anything with a PEACE sign on it, or anything Wonder Woman. That makes gift giving very easy. Thanks to all those who sent good wishes. Thank you.

I do have to share with you what my daughter wrote in her card. We had this tradition of hand made cards that I love. She said – “When I think of you I think of love, peace, happiness, New York, Financial Crisis, fun, friends, Canada, and saving Women!” Who says kids do not pay attention?
This weekend I will be back telling you about the two days spent at the 2009 World Business Forum in NY ( Bill Clinton, Paul Krugman, Jeff Sachs…..) , and my dinner with the legendary Nouriel Roubini. It has been a week of major moves in the currency which I have been writing about for some time. There have been some particularly though provoking OPEDS of late which I will direct your attention to. For now it off to enjoy the last few hours of my birthday with my truly amazing husband. God Bless you all………..

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