CBS Evening News – “Does Wall Street Need More Women?”

The segment on the “Women in Fund Management Report” aired tonight on CBS Evening News! I big thank you to Kelly Wallace and the producers at CBS.

Click HERE to see the segment, to read the transcript and to leave a comment on the CBS site. ( especially if it is a nice one!!)
“If there had been a critical mass of women over a period of time at the decision-making tables, would we be in the place that we are in today? I don’t think so,” Zehner said.
Let me say it again. I truly don’t think so. This in one woman’s opinion and last time I checked everyone is entitled to one and I am proud to say mine is based on a lot of evidence. (sorry I am a little cranky about some of the mean, unsupported comments I received) For those who disagree I would love to see their report that would suggest otherwise. I showed you my evidence, now please, show me yours.
The reality is we will never know if the “greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression” could have been either avoided or tempered if we had more balanced board rooms, risk management teams and leadership. We will never know. But can we all please agree, at least, that those in power did not do that great of a job? Can we please just acknowledge that it is a fact that the vast majority of people in decision making seats are men and perhaps, just perhaps that by adding women – smart women, wise women, insightful women – in critical mass, we might improve the quality of decision making. I am not saying women are smarter then men, or more moral, or or…. what I am saying is that diversity of thinking, of perspective, of backgrounds improves decision making. Read the evidence. This is not ‘feminist propoganda’ as one person commented, this is logical. It makes sense.

For the record………….
I believe in a more balanced world and not one were our collective futures are being shaped by those that represent only 1/2 of the population. I believe there are smart, talented men AND women and both deserve to have their seat at the table. I believe we have the hope of a better future if the best minds are asked to solve our world’s problems and not just the best minds that are part of the ‘club’ or of one gender.
A heartfelt thank you to CBS for putting this evidence out there in the world and for allowing one women with a deep passion for gender balance, to share her views.

5 thoughts on “CBS Evening News – “Does Wall Street Need More Women?”

  1. Jacki,
    I caught the piece on CBS tonight and was impressed. I've thought for years that women in business was a great idea. And, Sarah Palin notwithstanding, women in politics is a good idea too. I often wonder if Congress would be such a gawdawful flop of an organization if more women were involved. More power to you and good luck with all your women's causes. Now I'm going to start shopping around for some mutual funds run by women.

  2. Jacki,

    You're truly inspirational.

    Young women like me have a lot to learn from the world and from individuals like yourself. Just 10 years ago it seemed as if we would have to continue to tread through a 'man's world' to get anywhere close to where we want to arrive at. We were forced to view the world through a testosterone laden looking glass; and to top it off, we would have to work harder than men to prove our worth – still ending up with the short end of the stick.

    The thought of a woman's mastermind group sends tiny surges of electricity down my skin. I, too, want to leave this world knowing that I made a difference, or at least tried.

    Thanks for the inspiration + motivation!

  3. Jacki,

    Bless you. I've been to countless meetings where I wonder where the logic of some of these ridiculous projects the men are concocting are coming from. Sadly am not as articulate as you as I speak from the eyes and hava a terrible habit of expressing "WTF?" (what the fudge?)

    So, keep inspiring. Keep motivating. And screaming at the top of your written word – put some sensible females in top spots. Half the nonsense will stop!

    Hearing you in Hong Kong

  4. I saw the CBS report and loved it. So glad you demonstrated how much women contribute to the positive side of our economy. Check out to see many other women who are achieving great things every day in Corporate America.I'd love to hear what you think of it.
    Alice Krause

  5. Jacki,

    You're right. I appreciate your putting voice to a sensibility so many share. I was recently with a group of women in St. Andrews and the collective wisdom at that gathering was that while women's individual lives have changed, our institutions are pretty much stuck in the 80s. We can ill afford the sorry leadership we're seeing from the largely male spheres of business and politics. Great voice Jacki, keep it up.

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