Women Matter

Although I LOVE spending the summer in Canada one thing I truly miss is getting the NEW YORK TIMES. Sadly I have yet to find it anywhere in Kelowna. Sadly I missed this piece by Judith Warner on Hillary Clinton called “Hillary Fights a Tide of Trivialization.” Sadly I missed this response by Marie Wilson, also published in the NYT. But here they are thanks to being on the distribution list for the White House Project.

I believe this comment from Judith with all my heart. “U.S. security depends on women’s empowerment. Global economic growth depends on women’s participation.” It is this belief that fuels the work I do in the world. Quoting Marie Wilson – “Increasingly, our citizenry is realizing that the insights, experiences and perspectives of women do matter — and that we will collectively benefit when women participate and lead alongside their male peers.” I am there with ya sister. Hey Marie – How about adding “Women Matter” t-shirts to your White House Project store? I will wear it proudly along with my “VOTE. RUN. LEAD” one….

ALSO – be sure to pick up the NYT on Sunday – I hear that the magazine section will be all about women’s empowerment. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!
ALSO – as I googled for an image for “Women Matter” I came across this report (pictured above) by that name put out by McKinsey. Check it out…

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