Hedge Fund Wives – Learning to Cope….

Though I am not sure I would actually read this book I thought this article by the author was very entertaining. Hedge funds are (were) the modern day industrialists when it comes to wealth accumulation… like it or not. Though I have not actually counted how many of the FORBES 400 come from this industry, it is way more then a handful. I would love to cross reference the richest in America with the most generous in American both in absolute and relative terms. If you are going to be famous for making money how about being famous for giving it as well? Thankfully there are quite a few hedge fund wives who seem to be taking up that honor and responsiblility and doing it very well indeed. I hope they get mentioned in the book and not just the ones who spend all day shopping and planning parties. My feeling is that ‘to those to which much is given, much is expected.’ Happy summer reading………..
One book I did just read and really enjoyed is “The Day My Mother Left” By James Prosek. I met the Author at an art event in CT and he was really lovely…. An easy read and a touching story.

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