Feminine Leadership and the Financial Crisis

My friend Kathy LeMay sent me this piece, “Can Feminine Leadership Mend the Financial Crisis in Iceland?” written by her friend Masum Mamay. It is a must read on this topic and her conclusions are very consistent with those in our paper “Women in Fund Management: A Roadmap to Critical Mass and Why it Matters.” She says “the climate was ripe for and open to what has been called a ‘feminine’ way of leading characterized by balance, transparency, fairness, social responsibility, accountability and sustainability.”

She features a woman wealth manager who bases her business on these principles: “We have five core feminine values. First, risk awareness: we will not invest in things we don’t understand. Second, profit with principles: we like a wider definition so it is not just economic profit, but a positive social and environmental impact. Third, emotional capital: when we invest, we do an emotional due diligence – or check on the company – we look at the people, at whether the corporate culture is an asset or a liability. Fourth, straight talking: we believe the language of finance should be accessible, and not part of the alienating nature of banking culture. Fifth, independence: we would like to see women increasingly financially independent, because with that comes the greatest freedom to be who you want to be, but also unbiased advice.”
I like it………..

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