“World’s Wealthy Lose Faith in Fund Managers”

I find it slightly ironic that the day we launch our report “Women in Fund Management : A Road Map to Achieving Critical Mass and Why it Matters”, the much anticipated Merrill and Capgeminis’ annual World Wealth Report was published saying that “almost half of the world’s 6.8 million wealthiest investors have lost confidence in their fund manager.” As reported by the New York Times “the report will trigger alarm bells in the city and other Financial Centers.” I suggest that the leadership of these financial firms call in talented women to be their rescuers.

As we clearly argue in this 40 page report the time is now for us to move boldly forward to implement action steps that will lead to a critical mass of women in fund management and in the financial services industry more generally.

As I have said many times before, this report could not be more timely!

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