A Poem – Walk With Me

I wrote the poem below some time ago, 2002 to be exact. I don’t remember what was going on in my life when I wrote it, but I keep on pulling it out when I am struggling to make decisions and when I am struggling to understand exactly what God wants me to do with my life. There are so many forks in the road. So many. Sometimes too many. Should it be a coincidence that one of my fav songs has always been Galileo by the Indigo Girls? (click here for the amazing words) I hope you like it. Had to share….

Walk With Me

I am walking outside alone
And I begin to shake
I stop a sec and look around
Am I dreaming or awake?

The air it seems way too cool
For this time of year
I begin to get a sense
That the cool is my own fear

I keep walking straight ahead
Knowing not which was too turn
Thinking of all I have left behind
And all that I have learned.

I see something ahead of me
A bench is on the road
As if put there just for me
To help relieve my load.

I sit down to rest and think
As I can no longer stand
Suddenly I’m scared and turn
For there is someone holding my hand.

Do not be afraid he says
I’m here to show you the way
I wake up, get out of bed
And get down on my knees to pray.

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