Theme Parks, The FED’s latest move, CNN and London

I am on the plane home from 5 days in Orlando with the family. (posting now in the am) Judging only by the lines at the Theme Parks, you would never know there is a recession going on. By 11 am at Hollywood Disney the wait for the new Toy Story ride was 90 minutes long and the fast passes were all gone. Though it was a wonderful way to celebrate my daughters 9th birthday can I say, I am way OVER theme parks. From now on I will look forward to real vacations, though the American Idol Experience was totally righteous.

The FED – what a move today. They formally told the world what Chairman Ben has been telling us forever, that he will do everything in his power to pull us out of the recession. He will use every tool in the chest and the chest is deep indeed. Bet on Ben has to be the new trading and investment mantra. The announcement caused a huge rally in treasuries and in gold, and a falling US dollar. Quantatative easing is the new ‘must know’ financial term. What are the downsides of this strategy? Click here…

CNN. I am very excited to have been asked back again on Friday for another segment on American Morning. (show time as of yet unknown) What is ridiculously cool is that I proposed a segment featuring a success story from a Woman’s Fund, and with the help of the team from the Women’s Funding Network they are producing the segment! Tune in and better yet, send them an email of support after the piece. This story is about what happens when you INVEST IN WOMEN!!! Given the opportunity I am going to be calling on the administration to join thousands of donors who understand the power of this type of investment. Women’s Funds around the country have vetted solutions to our economic crisis and are ready, willing and able to deliver. If you want to learn more about what investing in women is all about please join us at the WFN Annual Conference in Atlanta April 30th. Click here for more information. It is going to be an incredible gathering, please join.

London. Friday I am off again, this time to London with my son to spend some time with family and friends and tour the sites. I should be blogging from overseas but just in case…. All the best and keep your seat belts fastened.

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