A Gift for PAWS – Guest Post ( Allie Zehner)

For my birthday party I asked my friends to spend 1/2 the money (or no more than $10) on a gift for me and the rest I asked them to donate to a charity called PAWS. I chose PAWS because I care alot about animals and I want them to have nice homes. Today we went there to deliver the money – $150. They were excited to have the gift. Inside the building there was a big bulletin board that had the names of some of the dogs that were up for adoption. Through a window we could also see some cats that were just relaxing in the room. The lady that worked there showed us around. They take care of up to 30 dogs at a time and up to 100 cats at a time that are all up for adoption. There is a waiting list for animals to get in to PAWS. We really liked a puppy named Ernie who is a pit bull terrier. ( pictured here) I felt very happy that I did this because it felt really good to give. I encourage every child to raise some money for charities. You can donate online to PAWS and/or you can give stuff like dog and cat food. Allie Zehner ( age 9)

2 thoughts on “A Gift for PAWS – Guest Post ( Allie Zehner)

  1. Atta girl, Allie! Way to take a stand and give comfort and support to our four-legged friends.

    Lots of love to you, super star!


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